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 Why Is HDMI Replacing the Scart Connection?

As we moved out of the Analogue era into the Digital Age of technology it was always on the cards that a more advanced methods would replace the older Technology, Scart Cables were suitable for the VHS Video age but today's Displays required a Resolution that could never be provided by compressed analogue formats. Unlike Scart cables and other Analogue connections The HDMI Format transfers the Audio / Video signal uncompressed, this effectively means that the interface can preserve the Source Signal and re-produce the rich sharp colours just as it was meant to be seen, Offering high resolution and almost life like picture quality.

 HDMI Resolution?

Since the introduction of HDMI into the CE industry the technology has moved forward so much that the original 1080i displays are now looking dated, Most High Definition ready TV's can now display Full High Def video in Full 1080p,

As the momentum gathers pace the latest batch of TV's, AV equipment and Home Computers will support the newer HDMI Version 1.4. which will allow 4k Resolution, 3D Support, Audio Return, Ethernet over HDMI.

HDMI Versions What are they?
When choosing an HDMI Cable for your TV then you may notice the HDMI version numbers, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, as well as sub Versions 1.3a, 1.3b, What does it all mean? It basically means the technology has become a little more advanced on each version supporting more and more devices and Technologies, However HDMI 1.3 was the upgrade that provided the major enhancements such as an increase in Bandwidth from 4.95Gbps to 10.2Gbps. HDMI cables that support increased bandwith up to 10.2Gbps are known as high speed HDMI cables, HDMI v1.3 also introduced lossless compressed digital audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, However All HDMI versions are backwards compatible.
  The Latest upgrade at this moment in time is HDMI Version 1.4, V 1.4 is one of the more significant advances yet which allows the transfer of the video Signal up to 4k Resolution. 1.4 HDMI devices can support high-definition resolutions four times beyond the resolution of 1080p. Support for 4K x 2K allows the HDMI interface to transmit content with the same sort of quality found in Movie theatres.
  HDMI 1.4 Supports 3D Over HDMI with the capacity of passing two simultaneous 1080p signals using one single HDMI connection. HDMI 1.3 Devices will display 3D over HDMI in 1080i. When purchasing an HDMI cable look out for 3D HDMI Cables to ensure full 3D compatibility  or HDMI cables labeled as high speed HDMI Cables
to ensure full 1080p support.
  HDMI Ethernet Channel: This adds internet and home network connectivity to HDMI. In other words, both Ethernet and HDMI functions are available within a single cable connection without the need for a separate Network Cable.
 HDMI v1.4 also Introduces an Audio return Channel, new Micro HDMI Connector, expanded support for Colour spaces, and an Automotive Connection System.
  ***Recent Update regarding HDMI Versions: from Jan 01 2011 HDMI versions will not be displayed on any marketing Material. So Cables that support the latest enhancements will not display the version number.
HDMI Plug Types
There are 3 major Variations of the HDMI Plug,
 Firstly we have the HDMI type A plug which is the standard size connector found on pretty much all of today's AV equipment. This type of plug is used most commonly for connecting your Blu-ray, HD Cable or satellite box, gaming console, PC, laptop to monitor or TV, HD Amplifiers.
 Secondly HDMI Type C (Mini HDMI) which has a smaller form and is usually found on HD Camcorders, HD cameras or other portable devices. To view our Mini HDMI Cables
 Thirdly HDMI 1.4 update introduced a new HDMI plug type D, HDMI type D is smaller form than type C and
 can be found on portable devices including HD Cameras, mobile phones. Type D is usually referred to a Micro HDMI.
Our range of Micro HDMI cables are all high speed and 3D ready,