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Digital Audio Cables

Digital Audio Cables

The Digital Audio Signal can be transferred by a Single cable or via separate cables one per Channel (Multi-Channel). Digital Audio will transfer PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and SPDIF, signals.  Digital Audio is far superior connection to analogue Audio connections.

There are 2  types of cables that can carry the digital audio signal:

Digital Coaxial Cable - Pure Copper Conductor with RCA Type connectors.

Digital Optical Cable

Fibre Optic Cable that uses Pulses of light to transmit the signal instead of copper, Digital Optical is the more preffered method for running longer lengths as the signal does not degrade. Optical Cables are usually terminated with Toslink plugs which are the standard size plug found on most digital audio compatible equipment, There is also a smaller version but less common plug used for fibre optic cables known as mini Toslink (sometimes referred to as 3.5mm Digital Jack Plugs), This form of Digital Audio is usually found on Laptops, Portable CD, Mini Disc player, Amplifiers.

We supply a wide range of both Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Cables up to 10m in length, We also supply Digital Converters - Optical to Coaxial and visa versa and a range of Toslink / Mini Toslink Splitters.