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Blank DVD Media

DVD Stands for Digital Versatile Disc, DVDR stands for Recordable (Write Once), DVDRW (Re-Writable). A DVD Disc can store up to 2 hours of good Quality Video and The accompanying Audio tracks, making it ideal format for Movies etc.

There are 3 Types of DVD Formats DVD-R / DVD-RW, DVD+R / DVD+RW and the Less common DVD-RAM

DVD-R  was the First format released and is Compatible with 90% standalone DVD Players and PC DVD Rom Drives, DVD-R is a Write Once format that can store up to 4.7GB of Data Files, Video, Music on a single disc,

DVD-RW Is a Re-Writable format that can be Burned, erased and Re-written up to a 1000 times on most Manufacturer's Disc, DVD-RW Discs are compatible with at least 80% of DVD Players / DVD Rom Drives,  As all DVD Discs this format can store up to 4.7Gb of data Files, Video and Music on a single disc.

DVD+R is a Recordable Write once format that is compatible with approx 86% of Standalone DVD Players and DVD Rom Drives, DVD+R Can store 4.7GB of Data, Music and Files per Disc.

DVD+RW  Is a Re-writable format that Can be burned, Erased and re-written up to a 1000 times on most Manufacturer's Discs, DVD+RW is the less compatible DVD format but is still compatible with 78% of Standalone DVD players and DVD ROM Drives, DVD+RW Can store 4.7GB of Data, Music and Video Files on a single disc.