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CD-R Fullface Inkjet Printable 52x Ritek/Traxdata - 50 Spindle

CD-R Fullface Inkjet Printable 52x Ritek/Traxdata - 50 Spindle

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 Ritek / Traxdata CD-R 52x 700MB IJP Fullface No SRing - 50 Spindle

Ritek CD-R 52x Inkjet Printable - By combining the Right Technology at the Right Time with the Right Product, RITEK has earned its name in the high-tech field of storage media. By maintaining an innovative business vision from the start, and combining it with a strong commitment to innovation and exceptional customer services, RITEK had successfully become the largest manufacturer of optical storage media in the world.

RITEK is one of the largest CD-R manufacturers in the world. Every RITEK CD-R has to pass the most critical environmental test under high temperature and humidity before sold to market, so its performance and reliability are our commitment to the worldwide consumers. RITEK high quality CD-R brings maximum protection for your important data.


  • CD-R Wrtie Once Recoardable Disc
  • Ritek
  • Product Code: RITE102
  • Capacity: 700MB (12 cm)
  • Video Recording Time: 80min (12 cm) 
  • Recording Speed: 52x
  • Recording Material: Premium Organic Dye
  • Recording Wavelength: 780 nm
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • 50 Spindle

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